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for your SaaS startup.

Help your users help themselves with an AI-Powered chatbot, knowledge base, AI-Assisted ticketing, and email support.

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Spend less time on support

A complete support ecosystem to help you spend less time supporting your users - and more time growing your business.


AI Chatbot

Create an AI chatbot and make it an expert on your business.


Ticket Form

Create a custom ticket form to collect information from your users.


Email Inbox

Handle incoming support emails from one unified inbox.


FAQ & Knowledge Base

Create a knowledge base for both users and support to search for answers.


Identify knowledge gaps

Identify knowledge gaps, improve and retrain your AI models.


SDKs, APIs & Webhooks

Our solution is built to be integrated with your existing tools.

iconAI-Powered Chat Support

Live AI chat.
Trained on your data.

Connect your data sources and automate customer service. The AI chatbot will learn from your data and will deliver a human-like support experience - around the clock.

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Connect with your tool of choice

Kyle Prinsloo

Kyle Prinsloo

Founder, ClientManager

❝ Aidbase has reduced our response time by over 70%. It saves us thousands of dollars every year, and more importantly, our users get helpful instant responses. The ticketing system is the best out there. It simply costs more NOT using it (and it’s more stressful). Highly recommend it! ❞

iconAI-Assisted Ticket Handling

Handle tickets and emails faster with AI.

Handle all tickets and emails from Aidbase's unified inbox. Our AI will learn - not only from your knowledge base - but from all your previous tickets.

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Dwayne Hayes

Dwayne Hayes

Software Developer

❝ Aidbase is the only solution that allowed us to fully embed an AI support system into our platform. Most components are plug-and-play and easy to use, and when we need full control and customization, Aidbase supports that too. As simple or complex as you need it, which is perfect for a fast-moving software engineering team. ❞


Works with your tech stack

Add the chatbot and ticket form to your website or app in minutes using our CDN or npm packages.

iconnpm install @aidbase/chat
iconJavaScripticonReact / Next.jsiconHTML / CSS
icon Features

All the tools you need

Aidbase is a complete support solution for your business.


Fully customizable

Customize branding, colors, logos to fit your style, brand, and tone of voice.


No Code

Deploy your chatbot, ticket forms, and email inbox with no coding required.


Collect leads

Collect user information such as name and email, and follow up with them later.



Connect your chatbot, ticket forms, and email inbox to your favorite tools through webhooks.


Control with JavaScript

Control the behavior of your chatbots and ticket forms using JavaScript.


React Library

Use our React library to embed chatbots and ticket forms in your React/NextJS app.


Hosted website

Share a link to your chatbot or ticket form on your hosted website.


Discover knowledge gaps

See where your chatbot is missing knowledge to answer and correct it for the future.


Link & image replies

The chatbot replies with links and images to help users understand better.


Support personas

Create the face of your support team with support personas for your ticket forms.


Invite your team

Invite your team to collaborate on tickets, emails, managing knowledge, and more.


GDPR Compliant

All data is encrypted and stored securely within the borders of EU. We are GDPR compliant.

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