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We shouldn't rely entirely on AI. Sometimes human help is still needed. That doesn't mean AI can't assist us in delivering value 10x faster!

Resolve faster with an AI-Powered ticket system


No Code Form Builder

Create custom ticket forms with our intuitive Form Builder.


AI assisted ticket handling

Our AI will learn from your tickets and get smarter.


Smart suggestions

Our AI will suggest solutions from users with similar issues.



Trigger actions when specific events occur.


Invite your team

Collaborate with your team in resolving tickets faster.


Create support personas

Create the face of your support team with support personas

icon Automated Ticketing

Automated ticketing system

Combine AI, automation and a seemless integration with your app to offer your users an outstanding customer experience - when humans are needed.

iconAI-Assisted Ticket Handling

Handle tickets and emails faster with AI.

Handle all tickets and emails from Aidbase's unified inbox. Our AI will learn - not only from your knowledge base - but from all your previous tickets.

icon Fully customizable

Customize the ticket form

Upload your own logo, customize the colors, adjust for light/dark mode and much more.


Light mode

Show the Chatbot Element in light mode. Perfect for bright and light-themed websites.

Dark mode

Show the Chatbot Element in dark mode. Ideal for black or dark-themed websites.

Custom theme

Provide your own custom color scheme and have the chatbot match your brand.
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