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Used by 10,000+ SaaS startups, cCommerce businesses and agencies.

More than 10,000 SaaS startups, E-commerce businesses, agencies and content creators with large audiences use our platform to manage support, answer questions and help their followers.

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How it all started

Watch the story of how Aidbase came to be, and how we're helping businesses and creators around the world.

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Spend less time on support

A complete support ecosystem to help you spend less time supporting your users - and more time growing your business.


AI Chatbot

Create an AI chatbot and make it an expert on your business.


Ticket Form

Create a custom ticket form to collect information from your users.


Email Inbox

Handle incoming support emails from one unified inbox.


FAQ & Knowledge Base

Create a knowledge base for both users and support to search for answers.


Identify knowledge gaps

Identify knowledge gaps, improve and retrain your AI models.


SDKs, APIs & Webhooks

Our solution is built to be integrated with your existing tools.

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What Our User Says

Build SaaS AI applications using OpenAI and Next.js, this kit comes with pre-configured and pre-built examples, making it easier to quickly kickstart your AI startup.

Muhammad Numan Latif

Muhammad Numan Latif


I'm so excited to finally try out Aidbase! I'm amazed at how easy Aidbase makes it to set support on autopilot. Their solutions are innovative and very efficient.

Uhama Travel

Uhama Travel


Transform your business with Aidbase AI! Aidbase offers incredible tools for automating and enhancing support with AI. Their chatbot and ticketing solutions are top-notch.

Oil Price Hourly

Oil Price Hourly


Discovering the power of AI with Aidbase! I've been exploring the versatile features of Aidbase for creating custom AI support solutions. Highly recommend for anyone looking to integrate AI into their startup.

Gerald Bowers

Gerald Bowers


This was a game changer for our e-commerce business. We were able to automate a lot of our customer support and save a ton of time. Highly recommend!

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