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June 2024, Product Update - New Features & Improvements

We’re halfway through this year! Aidbase is now 6 months old - and we’re not slowing down 🔥 Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements we’ve in June 2024.

June 2024, Product Update - New Features & Improvements
Simon HoibergSimon Hoiberg
June 30, 2024

New features

👤 Collect user information

You can now collect user information from the AI chatbot.

It is very easy to set up! Simply flick a switch to enable data collection under your chatbot settings.

We have provided multiple ways of accessing the data the user submits.

Through Aidbase

Under the Chats page in Aidbase, you will be able to find the user information under each chat session. We will be adding an export feature soon.

Using webhooks

You can set up a webhook that triggers each time a user adds their user information.

Using callbacks

Finally, we added a new callback function you can use directly on the chatbot.

🔔 Notifications

You can now enable notifications for important events, such as new tickets, incoming emails, new comments, and more.

Notifications can show in-app, as emails, and (soon) as push notifications on your mobile devices.

If you click Settings, you will now see a new Notifications section where you can choose which events you want notifications for.

🛡️ DKIM Verification

You can now verify the ownership of your email domain (a so-called DKIM-verification), by setting 3 DNS records from your DNS provider (e.g. GoDaddy or Namecheap).

This will prevent emails that are sent from Aidbase from ending up in spam and improve overall deliverability.

Go to the settings of your Email Inbox - after you've verified your custom email address, simply click the small "Domain verification" button to the right, and Aidbase will display the DNS records you should set.

Bugfixes & improvements


  • Faster routing/navigation
  • Auto-refresh for training knowledge
  • Infrastructure update & improved speed


  • Scroll on notifications panel stuck
  • Slow when adding ticket form details
  • Chatbot appearing too small on some websites


  • iOS/Android App
  • Custom branding on hosted page
  • Function calling

Stay tuned 🚀

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